Sophisticated and elegant design

Our concealed carry purses are handmade from the finest Italian leathers and custom hardware. Attention to detail and finishes such as painted edges and hand braided handles exude quality and style while simultaneously keeping your security a secret.


A Kimberly purse was designed for safe and concealed carry of your personal protection. It equally accommodates your subcompact handgun or non-lethal defense (such as Kimber® Pepper Blaster I & II and others). Our factory in Texas makes bespoke holsters for the top selling subcompact handguns specifically designed for the protection pocket of your Kimberly concealed carry purse.

Custom Crafted Concealed Carry

The story of Kimberly Handbags begins in Dallas, Texas only as a design. From there, it travels halfway across the world to Italy where it’s placed in the hands of skilled artisans who make each bag by hand using the finest quality Saffiano leather. Using classic construction techniques, each piece is precisely cut using a custom steel die and hydraulic press. Using both glue and stitching, our hardware is assembled onto each handbag and the Kimberly signature feather is welded and screwed to guarantee a secure and lasting fit. From Texas to Italy, Kimberly Handbags is committed to craftsmanship and elegance so you carry in style.

Luxury Meets Concealed Carry. Designed in Texas, Handmade in Italy

The bird feather on your purse symbolizes freedom, independence, protection, and the ability to rise above adversity. Birds can sense danger long before it’s near and use this sense to protect their nests. I believe every woman shares the beauty and grace of a bird with the instinct to protect themselves and their families.