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I refer to "badass" women frequently because it's so exciting and Inspiring to meet women who move through the world with confidence, purpose and grace. I don't believe this is something you are born with but rather a set of skills and a way of being that is curated over many years and experiences. With so much pressure today to conform to the social/political ideals du jour, and at the risk being "canceled", having the self assuredness to be authentic is challenging at best. For the women who have put in the work, faced down tough times, and come out stronger, there is no other way. When you meet a woman like this, you know it. She's a force because she knows herself, she understands people, and to put it bluntly, she can get sh** done. She does not waste energy attempting to be liked by everyone. Instead, she focuses on how she can effect people in a positive way and she's fiercely loyal to her inner circle. She usually has empathy in spades because she's been there, but don't waste her time if you're not willing to do hard things. She loves to learn and doesn't fear introspection. Finally, the number one way to know you are in the presence of a badass woman is she's the one lifting up and supporting other women. She's very aware that another woman's success does not diminish her, and in fact, inspires and encourages her.

I have been blessed to have been raised by a badass woman, to have a badass sister, and a few badass friends. One of those is Amber Weitzer. She seeks out this type of woman and engages them in interesting and thoughtful conversation on The Amber Weitzer Podcast. With her flowing dress and upswept honey blonde hair she is poised and gracious while simultaneously exuding that "I've come here to make things happen" vibe. I switched roles with her recently in order to extract some of her wisdom.

What do you love most about what you do?

Success comes in all shapes, sizes and styles, the success threshold is different for everyone, success means something different to you, to me and can vary depending on where we are in our journey. I love that God blessed me with a full, diverse journey filled with strong women of all walks of life, the ability of keen observation, a craving to connect and the platform share. Whether it’s a podcast story, workshop or class/course...these candid real-life experiences were created to help support and uplift others who might need a smidge of inspiration, skill development or reassurance to know all is possible. When I hear that one person was touched in some way because we shared with them, that fills my heart!

Amber and I discussed that one of the commonalities in the women we admire and respect is the ability to recognize their fear, work through it and move forward. It's not that they don't experience fear (although it may sometimes look that way), it's that they don't allow it to paralyze them into inaction. 

Amber is the host of The Amber Weitzer Podcast, Silhouettes of Success that shines the light on industrious women with a collection of curated conversations of intentional inspiration. The podcast is designed to inspire your heart, ignite your mind, feed your soul and gift you actionable insights directly from inspirational everyday women who’ve shown tenacity, grit and grace-having taking on challenges in their lives (and business) and won! She offers business mentoring, workshops and courses with both collaboration and carefully crafted content to her audience, customers and clients.

She is the Broker | Owner of Couture Real Estate Firm, second generation broker, real estate investor with her husband, recipient of REALTOR® Magazines Volunteering Works Award and places a priority on education earning prestigious designations/certifications such as GRI, SRES®, CREB, MRP and TRLP with over 25 years’ experience of building relationships in the industry nurturing a vast global network. Amber has extensive industry and marketing knowledge and utilizes it to exceed client’s expectations. Her Texas Association of REALTORS® Leadership (TRLP) nickname was “Ambitious Amber”, which is fitting. 

Currently Amber serves as a Board Member of Women Steering Business in Fort Worth, Texas, a guest presenter, committee volunteer and founded ‘Couture Curators’, a program where she is a conduit for collecting professional wardrobe donations with her mobile office and delivers to and for The Ladder Alliance also in Fort Worth. You can find her at

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