The Changing Face of 2A

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The 2A community is an expanding, and ever evolving landscape and while the stereotype of the middle aged white male with an NRA membership is still prevalent, there’s a growing number of young women making an impact in this space.

These bold women are educated and trained shooters that have accepted the responsibility of owning and carrying a firearm (no "gun bunnies" here). Pro-woman and Pro-2A, they are change makers. They are showing the world there’s not a one size fits all when it comes to women’s empowerment and that exercising your right to self protection doesn't mean you cannot simultaneously be sophisticated, stylish and choose the carry method that's right for you.

Emily Valentine is the creator of Style Me Tactical, a lifestyle brand with a loyal and savvy social media following. I first met Emily at the Turning Point USA  Young Women's Leadership Summit in Texas. Wearing her signature red lips and Stars and Stripes stilettos, she's confident, chic and inspiring to a new generation of women.Emily Valentine

Emily says, "The amount of new women gun owners, particularly young women, is steadily on the rise, especially during the pandemic. These same women are also pretty savvy with social media, so I think more younger women are going to be sharing their own stories, journeys, and lifestyles that include firearms. I’ve seen in just in the past few years that more women are coming to social media to learn and share, and this community of self-reliant women is growing. And I love to see that. I strongly believe the more women that are willing to show that they carry a firearm or use some type of self-defense tool in their daily lives will cause other women to share and get more women thinking about their own personal safety. The younger generation lives on social media, so I think it’s important they have mentors and role models that they see embracing personal safety and firearm ownership in a positive way. I think we are going to start seeing younger women getting more involved and advocating for their 2nd Amendments rights."

It's encouraging to know there's an expanding number of women who are willing to embrace the training and education this lifestyle demands. Many people still believe this space is mainly occupied by firearms instructors, competitive shooters, and the most vocal 2A activists but there's a good chance the woman next door or the stylish woman sitting next to you in a restaurant is choosing to take personal responsibility for her safety by carrying a firearm. 

You may find Emily at Style Me Tactical or on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube

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