Top 5 Safety Features of a Concealed Carry Purse

Top 5 Safety Features of a Concealed Carry Purse

Not all CCW purses are created alike.

It was important to me that the concealed carry feature in a Kimberly Handbag was, first and foremost, designed for safe and concealed carry. This comes from a combination of factors.

First, a purse is NOT a holster by itself. A handgun should never be carried loose in a purse, even in its own pocket. It should always be carried in a holster, whether on-body or in a concealed carry purse. It is next to impossible to get a modern maintained firearm to discharge in any way other than by pulling the trigger. And a holster has one job - prevent anyone or anything from pulling the trigger of a handgun in its holster. With only one task, it's terrifying how many "holsters" fail at their one job. Here's what sets our product apart: 

1.) Form-fitting – Kimberly holsters are made from .080" thick Kydex® thermoplastic, which is heat molded around a firearm mold to create a perfect fit. This material allows us to minimize the firearm pocket's size to create a beautifully sized and proportioned handbag.

2.) Secure – The Kydex® fit is tight enough to prevent the gun from falling out of its holster, but still easy to draw.

3.) Accurate cut – Perfect holsters are a perfect dichotomy. The holster needs enough coverage around the firearm that it remains secure, and the trigger always remains protected. Simultaneously, it needs to be cut open, so you can get a secure grip to draw and accurately fire the weapon.

4.) Rigidity – When properly seated, the rigidity of the Kydex® guards the trigger, preventing an external object from interfering with the trigger and causing an accidental discharge.

5.) Dedicated pocket - Kimberly Handbags have a dedicated compartment for the gun that prevents objects (i.e., keys, mascara, etc.) from entering the trigger guard and causing an accidental discharge.

Becoming proficient and confident with your concealed carry handbag takes training and regular practice — no different than what you would do with an on-body holster. The muscle memory learned to draw from your concealed carry handbag can only be learned through repetition. I strongly encourage you to take training classes and practice dry firing on your own.

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I created Kimberly Handbags after being unable to find a concealed carry purse that combined quality and sophistication with the custom holster features that are most important. Learn more about the world's finest concealed carry purses at

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