Concealed Carry

Kimberly concealed carry purses have two sizes of dedicated concealed carry pockets:

A.) The Lark (satchel) and Sparrow (bucket) 

The Lark (satchel) and Sparrow (bucket) lines have an interior concealed carry pocket that is 9" wide x 7" tall. The firearm will be oriented up-down, so the 7" dimension limits the length of the handgun. With a tight-fitting Kydex holster, these purses should accommodate a handgun with a maximum length of 6.75 inches long. The pocket for these lines can accommodate a revolver up to 6" in length, again with a tight-fitting Kydex holster. Click here for more information on the handmade holsters we include for the most popular handguns.

B.) The Bunting (cross-body)

The Bunting line is a smaller handbag with an exterior pocket 8" wide x 5.5" tall. The firearm will be oriented left-right. The holster can be installed for either right or left-handed draw. The cross-body is not designed to carry a revolver as the handgun outline will be visible from outside ("printing"), which is not legal in most states. Normal sub-compact semiautomatic handguns will not print. The bucket and satchel will accommodate most sub-compact revolvers. . Click here for more information on the handmade holsters we include for the most popular handguns.

Enhancements such as extended magazines, weapon lights, and red dot sights that enlarge the handgun outline may make it too large to fit in the handgun pocket. This limitation is most stringent in the cross-body design.

We put the same care and attention to detail into our holsters that we put into our concealed carry purses. Our holsters are handmade in our factory in Texas. Each bespoke holster is specifically designed around your gun in your selected concealed carry purse. Note that aftermarket accessories, such as red dot sights and lasers cannot be accommodated unless specifically described. Currently, we are building holsters for these top selling handguns:

Glock 42/43

Glock 43x

Ruger LCP 380

Ruger EC9/LC9/LC380

Sig Sauer P238

Sig Sauer P365

Sig Sauer P365 XL

Smith & Wesson 9/40 Shield Micro

Smith & Wesson M&P 380/9 Shield EZ Micro

Springfield Hellcat

Springfield XD-S Mod 2

Walther PPS M2

Is your handgun not on this list? We have several possible solutions:

1. We can possibly build a bespoke holster for you for an additional charge. Click here to email us with your handgun make/model and any attached accessories.

2.  You may be able to install your own Kydex holster. Note the protection pocket in your handbag was designed to fit closely to a subcompact firearm. Bulky holsters and aftermarket attachments likely will not fit. Click here to learn more about the dedicated protection pocket.

Will It Fit

The concealed carry feature is unique in a Kimberly Handbag because it is designed for safe concealed carry, which comes from a combination of factors:

1.) Form-fitting – Kimberly holsters are made from .080" thick Kydex® thermoplastic, which is heat molded around a firearm mold to create a perfect fit. This material allows us to minimize the firearm pocket's size to create a beautifully sized and proportioned handbag.

2.) Secure – The Kydex® fit is tight enough to prevent the gun from falling out of its holster, but still easy to draw.

3.) Accurate cut – Perfect holsters are a perfect dichotomy. The holster needs enough coverage around the firearm that it remains secure, and the trigger always remains protected. Simultaneously, it needs to be cut open, so you can get a secure grip to draw and accurately fire the weapon.

4.) Rigidity – When properly seated, the rigidity of the Kydex® guards the trigger, preventing an external object from interfering with the trigger and causing an accidental discharge.

5.) Dedicated pocket - Kimberly Handbags have a dedicated compartment for the gun that prevents objects (i.e., keys, mascara, etc.) from entering the trigger guard and causing an accidental discharge.

Becoming proficient and confident with your concealed carry handbag takes training and regular practice — no different than what you would do with an on-body holster. The muscle memory learned to draw from your concealed carry handbag can only be learned through repetition. We strongly encourage you to take training classes and practice on your own if you ever need to access your protection in an emergency.

Buy a new gun. You can never have too many!

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