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You aren't like most women.

You are part of a growing community of confident, self-assured females who take responsibility for their safety and believe women's lives are worth protecting.

You meet life's challenges head on and stand up for what you believe in.

You don't need permission to be who you are and to live your best life.

You're not a bystander but a participant and the first one to support and lift up other women for putting themselves out there.

You appreciate the sophistication and quality of a well-made handbag combining the safety and security that is #ConcealedInLuxury.

You are a badass and here is your story....

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Your Stories

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Bree W, a firearms instructor and active LEO, shares her unboxing video of her new Bunting, Kimberly's crossbody concealed carry purse. A growing belly of pregnancy has Bree exploring alternative options for concealed carry, as on-body carry becomes more and more difficult especially with warmer weather approaching. This is a great option for women experiencing both the same, but also those who are in need of off-body carry for their own reasons.


I chose a Kimberly handbag because it was stylish, chic and beautifully original. I love having a bag that sparks conversation between my friends about safety and fashion. Having a stylish purse that allows a designated space for my handgun helps me feel completely at peace wherever I am. It's wonderful to know your privacy and security are protected by a custom holster and Italian leather!


My BEAUTIFUL new Sparrow Kimberly Handbag was a 30th Anniversary present this year & I love it! I feel luxurious, sexy and protected. It is the perfect bagšŸ–¤Ā 


Protecting myself and the ones I love is a priority for me. So, concealed carry was a must. When I began my search for a purse that could make me feel safe and confident while carrying I was disappointed by the lack of design and fashion all the purses had. Kimberly handbags were the first and only hand bags that had all those qualities and more! I had to get one. This purse has made me feel strong, safe and beautiful n...View More


Finally! I chose this purse because it's the perfect balance between elegance and safety and I love the fact that the custom holster fits perfectly without printing. Wearing my Kimberly makes me feel confident and prepared.


I chose this bag because I had not been able to find a concealed carry purse that combined beauty (it's gorgeous) and the safety features that are most important to me. Knowing I am exercising my right to protection is empowering


This is the second Kimberly purse that I have purchased. Each one required some custom modification to fit my guns. David (their holstersmith) was extremely helpful in getting this arranged. I highly recommend this purse. DavidĀ has gone out of his way to work with both my husband and I for special arrangements to our specific requests. I would give 10 out of 10 stars to any who would want to know what a GREAT company this is!